Welcome to my website. My name is Kevin Bertman and I teach MYP and DP mathematics. I am from Doncaster in the UK. I obtained a BSc in mathematics from the University of York, UK, in 2001, where I also gained my PGCE in 2002. I completed a Masters of Mathematics for Teachers at the University of Waterloo, Canada, in 2016.

Before coming to Osaka I taught MYP and DP mathematics at GEMS World Academy in Dubai, and AP mathematics and physics at the Canadian International School in Tokyo.

I enjoy watching Formula 1, computer programming, cycling and walking my dog. I also created and run the IBDP Analysis and Approaches Mathematics Questionbank and MYP Mathematics Questionbank

The image on the left was randomly generated using mathematical algorithms and is an example of a fractal. It was created for a fractals course while studying for my masters degree. Click here to learn more.

The image below is a Penrose tiling and is an example of a non-periodic tiling. I investigated these tilings for my final year project while studying for my BSc. Click here to learn more.