Welcome to my website. My name is Kevin Bertman and I teach MYP and DP mathematics. I am from Doncaster in the UK. I obtained a BSc in mathematics from the University of York, UK, in 2001, where I also gained my PGCE in 2002. I completed a Masters of Mathematics for Teachers at the University of Waterloo, Canada, in 2016.

Before coming to Osaka I taught MYP and DP mathematics at GEMS World Academy in Dubai, and AP mathematics and physics at the Canadian International School in Tokyo.

I enjoy watching Formula 1, computer programming, cycling and walking my dog. I also created and run the IB Mathematics Questionbank

The image on the left was randomly generated using mathematical algorithms and is an example of a fractal. It was created for a fractals course while studying for my masters degree. Click here to learn more.

The image below is a Penrose tiling and is an example of a non-periodic tiling. I investigated these tilings for my final year project while studying for my BSc. Click here to learn more.